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Hourly Rate: $150 for Test Prep, $125 for Academic Tutoring


  • BS. Cornell University, cum laude

    • Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2013

  • MS, Johns Hopkins University

    • Computer Science, 2018


  • I first tutored in college, conducting supplementary math courses for engineers.

  • The most gratifying moment for me is guiding students through conversation just enough that they independently, actively come to their own epiphanies, thus instilling confidence in their abilities and a continued interest in STEM subjects.


  • My professional research  primarily focuses on building radio networks for robotics applications. 

  • I  prepare taxes for free as a volunteer across the DC metro area for low-income households


Educating in-home across DMV 

South Florida 

Los Angeles, CA

Palo Alto, CA

Online everywhere

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3305 39th St NW 

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Tel: (202) 798-2133

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