Core concepts


All of our programs develop critical thinking and mindfulness.


We believe these skills transfer on and off tests and in and out of classrooms. Academic skills are life skills.

the twofold path
Critical thinking refers to systematic habits of inquiry and analysis across data, text, systems and issues.
Mindfulness entails monitoring and directing attention and attitude for clarity and confidence.

Critical Thinking habits include:


  • Inquiry and questioning

  • Examining different perspectives and viewpoints

  • Making connections to prior knowledge, across subject areas, even into personal lives

  • Confronting complexity to reveal patterns and trends

  • Grappling with evidence to draw conclusions based upon evidence


Mindfulness Practice includes:


  • Noting thought and emotion to redirect attention from moment to moment

  • Identifying goals and linking focus and attitude to achieving targets

  • Tracking attention and attitude to foster openness to experience and resilience amidst challenges 


Tests are important. Top Score students transform testing skills, scores and confidence by mastering our method of precise, disciplined analysis.

Young students grow the roots of all learning by bridging reasoning with spacious, open creative exploration.

Learning never ends. Adults renew their interest and capacity for creative inquiry and expression.


Math is for everyone and math matters! Our tutors guide discovery learning of core concepts essential to advancing in STEM.