SAT Subject Tests (Math 1, Math 2, Chemistry)

Hourly rate: $125 for academic tutoring, $125 for Subject Tests


  • George Mason University, Bachelors 2012

    • Engineering

  • Stratford University, Masters 2013

    •  Business Administration


  • I commit wholeheartedly to make math click. My work is translation: converting extremely complex topics into personalized language each individual can understand.

  • I have a genuine love of nurturing relationships that instills passion, fun and enthusiasm, inspiring students to view this sometimes daunting material in a newfound positive light.

  • I have tutored  a broad range of STEM subjects from Calculus 1-3, Thermodynamics, and Analytical Chemistry.


  • As a student, I struggled to enjoy math until an inspiring high school teacher transformed my understanding of the subject.

  • In college, I taught at renowned institute instructing math to classes as large as 120 students.

  • With 7 years experience as a full-time professional tutor in Washington, I am a seasoned educator who does not simply dabble in teaching.


Educating in-home across DMV 

South Florida 

Los Angeles, CA

Palo Alto, CA

Online everywhere

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3305 39th St NW 

Washington DC 20016

Tel: (202) 798-2133

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