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  • SAT, ACT Test Preparation Tutoring

  • STEM Academic Tutoring

Hourly Rate: $150 for Test Prep, $125 for Academic Tutoring


  • Florida A&M University, 2005

    • Computer Information Sciences

  • University of Rochester, 2007

    • MS, Electrical & Computer Engineering


  • As a lifelong STEM student and educator, I strive for the most dynamic engagement with students and the material, especially with potentially rote subjects.

  • I have the patience for each and every level of student.

  • I emphasize the joy in conquering potentially stressful goals. As the "pro" I strive to embody confidence and optimism, a mentality that is contagious.  I continually emphasize that stress and test anxiety are counter-intuitive natural forces that can be resolved. I balance this openness with disciplined focus to maintain efficiency and progress.


  • The multitude of scholarships and acceptance letters I received was due to a 780 SAT Math score, and I want that for all students. 

  • I was an IT professional specializing in databases and analysis for about 15 years.

  • My teaching experience extends as far back as undergraduate peer tutoring; I was also an Adjunct Professor in a community college. I made tutoring my full-time focus in 2017.