Standard 18 Hour Program: $2250


  • The University of Hawaii, 2012

    • English Literature

  • George Washington University Masters, 2019

    • Masters in Education


  • The odd duck that adores both English and Math, Shakespeare and Statistics, I dissect content make larger connections and deeper understanding. My passion for the concrete to the fantastical, helps students digest concepts with energy and focus.

  • I work with students with giftedness, dyslexia, and other language-based learning differences.

  • I love rendering math understandable to learners, particularly the language of Algebra. 


  • I also work at the American Institutes for Research focusing  directly on researching the the world of standardized testing.

  • I adore musicals! Additionally, hiking, gaming, reading, and newfound hobbies of watercolor and photography. 


Educating in-home across DMV 

South Florida 

Los Angeles, CA

Palo Alto, CA

Online everywhere

Administrative Office

3305 39th St NW 

Washington DC 20016

Tel: (202) 798-2133

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