Three courses growing the roots of learning: attention and attitude.


The Written Word    |           Ignite            |            STEM


Simultaneously improve performance and a learning aptitude and appetite.


A decade in test prep showed us that modern students need focused skill development in the foundations of learning: critical thinking, creativity, attention, attitude and agency. Our unique, powerful programs weave these core skills into academics.


Standardized curricula, competitive environments and ever-present digital distractions can leave young students intimidated or bored in the classroom.  This can compromise development of more subtle yet essential skills - focus, attitude, motivation, creativity and critical thinking.

Scout courses elevates these vital practices while improving a specific academic discipline.

Written Word: Scout Written Word builds the core skills behind confident reading comprehension and written expression: vocabulary, grammar, deep reading and analytical/creative writing. Course resources range from standardized test passages to dramatic fiction.

Ignite: The social, emotional and executive skills missing from textbooks can be the most important to any student, at any age.

STEM: Discovery-based STEM focuses less on following arbitrary rules, procedures or formulas and more on complex problems based on real-world examples navigable with multiple perspectives and solutions. Coupled with trusting, compassionate tutor relationships, discovery-based learning empowers Elementary STEM students beginning wherever they are.


"Top Score's strategies helped our son dramatically increase his SSAT scores. After the second test, it felt like Alex Chip was just as excited about our child's performance as we were."



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