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Mapping the journey of learning for all ages

Improve performance through Process. Confidence. Execution.

Nearly two decades in test prep and academic tutoring showed us that the modern student needs focused skill development in the foundations of learning: critical thinking, creativity, focus, attitude and agency. Even small classes at excellent schools are ill-equipped to address these highly individualized needs. The Scout program targets those vulnerable "joints" that connect classwork to the real world, cultivating stronger students and more confident leaders.    

Standardized curricula, cutthroat environment and ubiquitous digital distraction leave students of all ages intimidated or bored in the classroom. They cram for tests and memorize enough facts to get by, but eschew development of unassessed skills that may prove far more essential to future success. Scout develops these skills through a structured but adaptable curriculum, dynamic exercises and projects, and concrete deliverables. Your student's intellectual journey is a story, one that they will have to tell and sell to private school admissions and college admissions and grad school admissions and dream job gatekeepers and boards of directors. We want to help them find the confidence to share it, the voice to speak it, and the passion to make it an epic one.      

So what skills does Scout actually target? 

  • Organization & Goal Setting: nothing can be achieved if not envisioned and roadmapped. 

  • Confidence & Emotional Intelligence: public speaking, debate, emotional awareness/labeling/fluency

  • Agency & Attitude: seeking (and leveraging) help where it's needed, mentorship where it's desired 

  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: breaking down multi-step challenges into linear solutions

  • Ascension & Leadership: turn a strength into a differentiator, then be a difference maker   

  • Tech Tools & Usage: can't live without it, so let's learn to use it (effectively, efficiently, and safely)  

What is the Written Word program?

Our Written Word program builds the core skills behind confident reading comprehension and written expression: vocabulary, grammar, deep reading and analytical/creative writing. Course resources range from standardized test passages to dramatic fiction.  Can be geared towards a weak verbal student to build a foundation or a strong one to feed a passion. 

  • Vocabulary: Latin/Greek roots to context clues, we need bricks to build a house

  • Grammar: basic rules tested on the SAT/ACT and advanced usage for amplifying message 

  • Reading Comprehension: sentence to passage level, science papers to poetry

  • Test preparation: turning subjective interpretation into evidence based analysis, multiple choice strategy and logic 

  • Writing for clarity and for power: basics of writing persuasive prose from plan to polish

  • The Bridge: (for advanced students) connecting themes and material from class to more advanced works of literature, history, philosophy

  • The Practical: assisting student in English/History papers, English AP/Subject Tests, college essay writing  

What is the Infinity Math program?

Our Infinity Math program helps weaker math students break through self-imposed ceilings and provides rocket fuel to advanced math students looking to achieve mastery above grade level. Core tenets of the program:


  • Foundation: Review and solidify fundamental skills from previous years of coursework.  

  • Competence: Build student's confidence through higher grades in current coursework.

  • Application: Teach the above skills in the context of standardized testing style multi-step, word, and graph problems. This is not an SSAT or SAT or GMAT math prep class, but rather the cultivation of a skillset used on all standardized math tests. 

  • Mastery: (advanced) Accelerated content preview to achieve advancement to honors level courses. 


"Top Score's strategies helped our son dramatically increase his SSAT scores. After the second test, it felt like Alex Chip was just as excited about our child's performance as we were."