Standard 18 Hour Program: $2250


  • William and Mary

    • 1693 Scholar (full-ride scholarship awarded to 1/2,000 applicants)

  • Distinguished Literacy Researcher, Kids Write, Haiti

  • Seasoned tutor for middle school, high school, university students


  • Instilling complete comprehension and confidence is my duty as an educator, so I am patient and creative, often using multiple methods to enable that magic "click".

  • My experience with students with ADHD and autism has shown me that structure, details and processes strengthen problem solving even in the most challenging circumstances.


  • A linguistics student with a minor in education, I am passionate about and trained in approaching learning at the theoretical, practical and advocacy levels.

  • My diverse experience spans tutoring writing at the university level to researching and building literacy software for a technology company.

  • I have contributed to various publications, in languages including Haitian Creole and Ghanaian.