Discovery-based STEM focuses less on following rules, procedures or formulas (such as “find the perimeter of a rectangle five meters long and four meters wide”) and more on complex problems based on real-world examples that can be tackled in more than one way and have more than one solution (“using six square tiles, make a model of a patio that has the least possible perimeter”).

Coupled with trusting, compassionate relationships with our  STEM experts, discovery-based learning empower Elementary and High School STEM students beginning wherever they are.

Bring on the analytical thinking.


Analysis, problem solving, working memory, inquiry and confidence are a just a few fruits of studying STEM. Dated methods and big classes make some students hopelessly lament "I'm not a math person" while others abandon a love affair when crippled with boredom.

Fortunately, neuroscience and new pedagogy confirm

we're all capable of being math people.


We firmly believe all students thrive when math is broken down, explained carefully and practiced continually. Our deep relationships and discovery-based methods improve performance while nurturing invaluable skills. 


"He’s already been inspired by his time with you. You have been encouraging but also have presented challenges."